ॐ I think I saw you in my sleep, darling ॐ's avatar

ॐ I think I saw you in my sleep, darling ॐ

Ello Lovelies. My name is Alyssa, I am a Photographer, Painter, Writer, Pansexual, Gender Fluid, 20 year old Canadian, and I am in love with the world.
Come chat, I will lend an ear.
Tell me your secrets, your stories, your fears, your thoughts.
Come share your world with me<3
Namaste ॐ

"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud" — Émile Zola

last month we went to a family friends house, and they have this beautiful fresh water/self cleaning/natural pool.
It’s 9 feet deep, with reed and fish and turtles and a waterfall, it’s amazing! 🐢



Fj62 Sleeping Quarters 

next year


snapshots of the first time we visited diagon alley, when it was still in soft openings. i’m about to post like six photosets so SORRY IN ADVANCE.



5 more days till I get to have these creatures in my arms again 🌻

oh my goodness. it’s crazy how much i miss you both. 

soon my lovely! WE SHALL BE TOGETHER SOON!  <3